Open Lab at IMT School

A space where innovation, research, and science meet to create new solutions to tomorrow's challenges

Open Lab


Open Lab serves as a dynamic and collaborative platform that fosters partnerships between public and private sectors. With a keen focus on economic and digital resilience, the lab leverages the diverse skills, research capabilities, and resources of IMT School. It specializes in conducting remotely controlled experiments, both in the field and in hybrid settings, in cooperation with external partners.

The lab is enriched by the presence of researchers from IMT School, who lend their expertise to support various projects. This ensures that every initiative undertaken is guided by professionals who are at the forefront of their respective fields, guaranteeing cutting-edge knowledge and insights for every project.

The Project

Funded by the "Fondo per il finanziamento dei dipartimenti universitari di eccellenza - Fund for the financing of university departments of excellence" (Law 232/2016), Open Lab stands as an innovative hub designed to connect research and society, while endorsing projects that are both goal-oriented and data-driven.

Leveraging the comprehensive expertise and multidisciplinary approach of IMT School, Open Lab facilitates the collection of high-quality data and fosters the development of innovative solutions. This synergy ensures that the lab is not just a place for research, but a catalyst for transformative ideas and solutions.


Open Lab works as a comprehensive, multidisciplinary data collection hub, providing full-cycle support for the development and execution of data-centric projects. At its heart, Open Lab emphasizes remote data collection, utilizing both public platforms and bespoke apps and software. However, it also houses on-site equipment within IMT School's experimental laboratories and maintains specialized databases, ensuring resources are tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

Open Lab is committed to nurturing project development at every phase. This includes refining and articulating the research question, identifying the sample group, designing and implementing data collection and analysis strategies, and crafting the final report. This holistic approach ensures a seamless and efficient research process, driving meaningful outcomes.

What Open Lab offers