The Project

The RED Project

The IMT School has been recognized as a "Department of Excellence" for the 2023-2027 period, thanks to the "Economic and Digital Resilience" (RED) project. This prestigious title, accompanied by over 5 million euros in funding from the Italian Ministry of University and Research, supports an interdisciplinary exploration of economic and digital resilience in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The RED project emerged in response to the significant challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, which highlighted the essential need for a robust, reliable, and universally accessible digital infrastructure. The project aims to investigate the effects of the rapid digitalization on productivity, competitiveness, sustainability, well-being, and resilience of individuals, businesses, and regions.

In collaboration with the Open Lab and external partners, the RED project promotes interdisciplinary research and educational initiatives centered on digital transformation and economic system resilience. This cooperative approach stimulates the creation of innovative solutions and propels progress in addressing the urgent issues arising from the post-pandemic landscape.

Open Lab

Open Lab is a vibrant research hub that brings together researchers, businesses, organizations, associations, and other external collaborators to address pressing social issues and devise innovative solutions using an "Open Laboratory" approach. In line with the RED project's goals, Open Lab emphasizes the study and promotion of economic and digital resilience during the post-pandemic transition.

Open Lab conducts research using a blend of observational studies and online and field experiments to understand the effects of remote and hybrid work on employee productivity, mental and physical well-being, local health services restructuring, and management of critical situations like droughts.

What Open Lab Offers