Open Lab leverages the varied skills of IMT researchers to enhance each project, guaranteeing excellence and originality. Its commitment to multidisciplinary principles encourages teamwork, facilitating the development of solutions and perspectives that span different fields.

The RED Committee, which includes senior scholars from IMT School, oversees both Open Lab and the RED project. Each member brings distinctive expertise, enhancing the lab's multifaceted approach to tackling complex research challenges. 

The RED Advisory Board offers strategic guidance, guaranteeing that research conducted at Open Lab maintains exemplary standards and delivers significant impact. Additionally, it fosters the integration of diverse fields of study, leading to the creation of valuable cross-disciplinary insights.

Lastly, Open Lab comprises a diverse array of Active Members and Doctoral Students who actively engage with the lab's initiatives. Their dynamic involvement cultivates an environment conducive to innovative thinking, fostering a culture of ongoing learning and exploration.

RED Committee

Massimo Riccaboni

Full Professor

Machine Learning

Emiliano Ricciardi

Full Professor


Mirco Tribastone

Full Professor

Computer Science

Dott. Giulio Bolzonetti

General Director

RED Advisory Board

Jane Hillston

Full Professor, University of Edinburgh

Pietro Panzarasa

Full Professor, Queen Mary University of London

Dr. Luigi Ruggerone

Intesa Sanpaolo SpA

Open Lab Active Members

Giacomo Marzi

Open Lab Coordinator

Assistant Professor (RTD-B)

Innovation Management, New Product Development, Strategic Management

Nicola Lattanzi

Full Professor

Business Strategy, Management of Complex Systems

Armando Rungi

Full Professor

Multinational Enterprises, Global Value Chain, Labour Market, Supply Chain

Sibilla Di Guida

Associate Professor

Strategic Thinking, Data Collection, Human-Machine Interaction  

Fabio Pinelli

Associate Professor

Data Mining, Machine Learning

Francesco Serti

Associate Professor

Labor Economics, Health Economics, International Trade,  Microeconometrics

Letterio Galletta

Assistant Professor (RTD-B)

Language-Based Security

Michele Cantalrella

Assistant Professor (RTD-A)

Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics, Political Economy

Giacomo Handjaras

Assistant Professor (RTD-A)


Emilio Incerto

Assistant Professor (RTD-A)

Modeling and Controlling Quantitative Properties of Software Systems

Federico Nutarelli

Assistant Professor (RTD-A)

Machine Learning in Economics, Statistical Analysis

Carlo Orsi

Assistant Professor (RTD-A)

Non-Central Probability Models, Applied Statistics

Valentina Pieroni

Assistant Professor (RTD-A)

Business Strategy, Sustainability

Alberto Hidalgo Escudero

Research Collaborator

Regional and Urban Economics, Economic Geography

Mattia Adamo

PhD Student

Organizational Decision Making, Consumption Behavior, Organizational Strategy

Emanuele Agrimi

PhD Student

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare, Brain Networks, Computer Vision

Irene Sánchez Rodriguez

PhD Student

Psychopathology, Well-Being, Social Media Analysis

Doctoral Students - Partnership Projects

Tiffany Nassirian

PhD Student

Knowledge Network Analysis 

Yi Shan

PhD Student

Precision Medicine 

Bisma Naeem

PhD Student

'Territorial-Based Management of Cancer Patients

Administrative Staff

Valentina Calvi

Project Manager

Dr. Davide Marchiori

Lab Technician