Become a Partner

Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem for interdisciplinary research and innovation, where researchers, companies, organizations, associations, and other external partners can collaborate to develop innovative solutions and address pressing societal issues.

To become a partner and avail yourself of one of the IMT PhD training programs, you must submit a research proposal that addresses your organization's specific challenges and requirements.

Individuals participating in the program can be either your employees seeking to enhance their research capabilities or students selected through our rigorous selection process. In either scenario, a senior member or an expert from your company will be included in the recruiting committee to ensure that the candidate is not only suitable for IMT but also aligned with your company's objectives and needs.

Evaluation Process

Upon receiving your application package, an internal scientific commission will review and evaluate your proposal based on its relevance to Open Lab's research focus, the quality and feasibility of the research plan, and the potential impact of the expected outcomes. If necessary, the commission may also seek external reviews from experts in the field.

Applicants will be informed of the commission's decision within a specified timeframe. If your application is successful, we will collaborate closely with you to initiate the partnership and provide the necessary support and resources to ensure the success of your project.

Draft your research proposal

Ideally project proposals should include the following points.

If you have any questions regarding the drafting of your proposal, please don't hesitate to contact

Once you have prepared the necessary documents and information, please submit your application package to

Proposal Roadmap 2024

Timing: April - August 2024

Call for Applications: April 2024

Candidate Interviews: July 2024 (committee: IMT professors + experts from proposing companies)

Additional Interviews: May be conducted until October 2024

Early November 2024 (remote activities may be available for foreign candidates awaiting their visa)

If you have any questions regarding this proposal roadmap, please don't hesitate to contact