Partnership Projects

Explore some of the doctoral projects developed in partnership with organizations that wield substantial influence in the domains of energy, sustainability, and medical research, spanning local and global spheres.

PhD Programs at IMT: Exploring Open Lab Thematics

Enrolling in a PhD program offers an excellent opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research at the highest scientific level. The IMT School provides a wide range of meticulously crafted doctoral programs tailored to advance research in the thematic areas highlighted by Open Lab. Additionally, each program offers various curriculum options, allowing students to specialize further in their chosen field.

For companies looking to address challenges through research, these PhD programs offer a solid training structure to enhance research skills and produce tangible outcomes.

Offered PhD programs:

Cognitive, Computational and Social Neurosciences


Economics, Analytics and Decision Sciences

Management of Digital Transformation

Systems Science

Selected Projects exploring Open Lab thematics

Here are some projects currently being pursued by doctoral students enrolled in the doctoral program Management of Digital Transformation (MDT) at IMT, in collaboration with various companies and organizations.

Situated at the intersection of digital resilience and economic transformation, these projects capitalize on the interdisciplinary approach provided by the MDT doctoral program. They explore various aspects of digital transformation through cultural, economic, social, engineering, IT, legal, managerial, neuroscientific, and psychological lenses. The objective is to tackle the challenges presented by digital transformation in key areas such as Industry 4.0, the development of novel business models, human resources management, and Public Administration and Cultural Heritage.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our partners who generously contribute to these research endeavors.

Project: "Knowledge Network Analysis"

This project analyzes activities for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data related to collaborative networks of people. 

Partner: ENI S.p.A.

PhD Student: Tiffany Nassirian

Project: "Precision Medicine"

This project focuses on the implementation of personalized medicine (PM) solutions in clinical settings.

Partner: Roche S.p.A.

PhD Student: Yi Shan

Project: "Territorial-based management of cancer patients"

This project is about ways to rethink healthcare governance for better managing cancer patients at all phases, from primary prevention, to the treatment, follow-up, and secondary prevention. 

Partner: Toscana Life Sciences

PhD Student: Bisma Naeem